Creating My Capsule Wardrobe

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First thing’s first- What Is a Capsule Wardrobe:

Planning a Capsule WardrobeThe idea behind a Capsule Wardrobe is to carefully choose a certain number of pieces of clothing (I say 40) that bring you joy and wear them for three months.

Unfancy says this about a capsule wardrobe:

Now I always feel like I have something awesome to throw on, be it Sunday brunch or a client meeting, because every single item hanging in my closet is something I would love to wear right this moment.

Next- How to Work Your Capsule Wardrobe:

Setting Up Your Capsule WardrobeAs you select the pieces for your Capsule Wardrobe, be sure they are pieces you can easily mix and match because you will want to get the most use from those items. You will wear these items for one season (approximately three months).

During the next three months, do not shop for clothes. I repeat, do not shop.  Focus all your clothing “energy” on the 37-40 items in your capsule wardrobe, mixing, matching, and optimizing what you have.  In doing so, you’ll find renewed creativity to invent new outfits so that you don’t tire of your selections. And by limiting your decision making, you will reduce decision fatigue and anxiety.

During the last two weeks of the three-month period, take inventory of the items in your Capsule and decide what you need to move out and replenish with something different for the upcoming season. Perhaps you will need to purchase something new, or you may decide to pull from a seasonal stash for the upcoming season. When the two weeks of planning, shopping and renewing are complete, begin wearing your new capsule for the next three months.

Last- Why the Capsule Wardrobe works for me:

As my journey toward a less cluttered, more focused life has progressed, I have purposefully adopted a Capsule Wardrobe. Implementing a Capsule Wardrobe is certainly not something I just “did” one day. It has been an intentional step in simplifying my life, and it requires careful thought and consideration. But the payoff from a simpler dressing routine, less clutter, and clothes I love is enormous!

Be sure to read next week’s blog post for my big “ah ha moment” when I discovered that the Capsule Wardrobe beautifully parallels simplified business philosophies.


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