My Capsule Wardrobe and Capsule Business Focus

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In previous posts, I introduced the Capsule Wardrobe concept and explained how the Capsule Wardrobe is similar to choosing your business niche.

Today I want to discuss focus and how the Capsule Wardrobe’s seasonal focus relates to business focus.

A Capsule Wardrobe requires you to stay focused on wearing only the clothes you selected for three months. Fashion trends can change in the blink of an eye, but a Capsule Wardrobe gives you a focus on set pieces of clothing for three months so that you aren’t tempted to buy every new outfit you see. Embracing a Capsule Wardrobe forces your shopping to become intentional and focused. You now shop with a purpose – to fill specific voids in your Capsule with items that bring you joy – rather than simply shopping to kill time, spend money, or bring a bit of happiness.

It’s important to trust that the pieces I originally picked for my Capsule are the right pieces for this season. I can dive into the selections in my wardrobe and really get creative with putting outfits together. It’s been said that scarcity fosters creativity.

Capsule Wardrobe FocusThat creativity can be found when we stay within our focus area. Similarly, I have found that once a business carefully niches, it then needs to focus on its niche. Just like fashion trends or sale items, business opportunities will come your way. If the opportunity fits within your niche you should jump on it quickly. However, if it is a distraction that will take you away from your chosen niche, you may need to place that opportunity on a shelf while you focus on your business niche for a set time. Focusing on your business niche will ensure you are providing the value your customers need instead of chasing after distractions.

I have a personal tendency to be sidetracked by “Ooooh shiny” distractions and find that it’s critical to quickly identify whether it does or does not fit within my area of focus and whether it’s actually an opportunity or a distraction. Of course, it would be silly to be completely blind to business opportunities, so we have to practice discernment.

My husband and I recently took a weekend getaway trip, and while eating at a restaurant I noticed some cute t-shirts in the gift shop. In the past, I would have snatched up two or three and been on my way with my fun purchase, only to later realize that they weren’t the cut or fabric I prefer to wear. That would result in me wearing each shirt only once or twice and then donating it at Goodwill. This time when presented with these shirts, I knew it wasn’t time to shop for my Capsule, so I was able to pass them by, knowing that they didn’t fit within my Capsule focus for the season.

In a similar sense, various people, businesses, connections and events frequently come my way as a business owner. It’s critical that I focus on what I set out to do in my niche and believe that what I choose when I created my niche is still the right choice. When it is the right time to think about other directions, the right opportunities will come along.

Here’s to staying focused on your business niche and running a successfully focused business!

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