Foreigners in a Foreign Land by Wendy Knutson, CPA

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We see foreigners every day. It’s easy to spot them. Sometimes it‘s big things. Sometimes the differences are subtle.

During my home-group Bible study of 1 Peter, I was struck by Peter’s use of the word “foreigner”.

Since you call on a Father who judges each person’s work impartially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear. 1 Peter 1:17 NIV

Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul. 1 Peter 2:11

Does this ever happen to you? God causes a word jump out. It lodges in your brain and you can’t get rid of it.

Peter urges us to live differently. To live as foreigners in a foreign land. But our desire to “fit in”, to be “normal” makes us feel weird when we’re different. If we desire to follow God, how can we not be obedient? Why do we struggle?

God has been guiding me to establish boundaries so everything in my wardrobe brings joy. The boundary provides order and peace in my closet and budget. After abdominal surgery, the “joy” boundary of my simplified wardrobe caused me to wear the same outfit several times a week. But my desire to “fit in” challenged my obedience to the plan. Then I remembered Peter’s words. Aha! This was me living as a foreigner in a foreign land in an everyday situation.

Peter gives us a plan. Respect God and abstain from sinful desires. But how do we identify sinful desires? We ask God, “Will this cause me to sin?” “Will it cause me to stumble?” “Will it cause another to stumble?” Then we listen. God is not the author of confusion and strife. He is a God of order and peace. Peter’s warning is a strong one; war is no small matter.

Acting differently keeps us congruent with our values, commitments and obedience to Christ. When we struggle, we can rest in the assurance of being obedient to God’s will. Peter encourages us to own our differences. To embrace the weird. We should live uniquely.

They are surprised that you do not join them in their reckless, wild living, and they heap abuse on you. 1 Peter 4:4

Are we living unconventionally when it comes to our finances and giving, or do we look like everyone else? Remember Peter’s words as you make financial decisions. Are your friends surprised by your faithful financial choices and church support? Are they curious about how you put God first with your money? Peter encourages us to surprise our friends. To cause their eyebrows to raise. To cause a gasp in their breath, a look of puzzlement and disbelief. Maybe they’ll even ask, Why? This could open the door for you to share the love of Christ – our ultimate calling.

I would love to hear your experiences as foreigners in a foreign land. How have you surprised others with your faithfulness?

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